SRC Complete Nickel Teflon NP3 Bolt Carrier Group w/ Relia-Bolt

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  • Manufacturer: Sharps Rifle Company
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With a long history of innovation Sharps Rifle Company (SRC) has done it again.

After developing the most technologically advanced AR-15/M16/M4 bolt in the world, Sharps has developed a bolt carrier unit to complement it.


We began by identifying what the shortcomings with the traditional AR-15/M16/M4 bolt carrier. We identified two primary issues. The first being the rotational camming of the carrier during the unlocking portion of the operational cycle. The second being the canting of the bolt carrier group upon firing due to the gas pressure exerted to the gas key which naturally causes the front of the bolt carrier group to rise and the rear of the bolt carrier group to be pressed downward during its rearward travel.


Armed with this knowledge our team of innovative engineers set about to correct those shortcomings. We used computer design technology coupled with real world testing to address both of these issues. When the process was completed we sent the resulting prototypes to a broad spectrum of professionals who use their rifles hard for their personal evaluation and feedback. Their observations were then incorporated into the final design resulting in the new SRC Balanced Bolt Carrier (BBC).



  • The SRC Bolt Carrier is precisely machined from S7 steel (Auto/M16 profile)
  • The SRC Bolt Carrier undergoes their proprietary heat treatment process
  • The Bolt Carrier is finished inside and out with NP3 to minimize the need for lubricants, to aid in smooth operation and to make clean up a breeze. 
  • The SRC BBC has the SRC logo machine cut on the side of the carrier which is visible when the ejection port door is open. 
  • Includes the SRC Relia-bolt, machined from S7 steel
  • The Relia-bolt is MPI, HPT, and Shot-Peened 
  • S7 steel provides a 75% increase in tensile strength, and nearly 60% improvement in yield strength over Carpenter 158 steel.
  • It fits standard AR-15/M16/M4 rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm, 25-45 Sharps and 300 Blackout calibers


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