Ares Armor EFFIN-A Compensator AK 7.62 MKII
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Ares Armor EFFIN-A Compensator AK 7.62 MKII

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  • Item #: EFFIN-A MKII AK 7.62
  • Manufacturer: Ares Armor
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The Ares Armor Effin-A Compensator MKII for AK 7.62 is designed to allow users the ability to adjust the manner in which the gas exits from the weapon.

The Effin-A Compensator MKII features 8 columns and 3 rows of exit ports that can be either opened or closed through the very simple use of set screws.

The exit ports are not threaded completely through to eliminate the possibility of the screw being over turned into the chamber. This feature also allows the screw to "bottom out" increasing tightness and ensuring that it will not work itself out under the pressure of the gasses being released by the weapon. 


  • Weight of 2.9oz
  • Thread pattern of 14x1mm LH
  • Allen key and screws included

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